Wish List

As a charity, Thanet Countryside Trust operates on a limited budget. The Reserve has a wish list of wanted items that could be put to good use. If anyone knows of where we can acquire any of these items, either for free or at a knock-down price, please get in touch. Thank you!

Current Wish List
  • Rainwater butts
  • Rubber backed dust mats
  • A lockable stationery cupboard
  • Tiered basket/food product unit – for displaying snacks in the Cabin and using the least area of the worktop as possible
  • A weather vane
  • Plant pot dishes/trays – we have lots of plant pots but not many with dishes which would help with keeping the plants with water for longer
  • Small hand held gardening tools, e.g. secateurs and snips
  • A metal mini-lathe to make tooling and adapters for the telescopes
  • Arc welder (rod type) which will work from a 13 amp plug