You can support our work at Monkton Nature Reserve by buying a weekly Thanet Community Lotto ticket.

Thanet Community Lotto is a weekly online lottery created to support local causes in Thanet. Tickets are only £1 per week! With 60% going to local good causes and prizes up to £25,000!

How it works

  • Choose your 6 numbers.
  • Every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize, up to £25,000!
  • 60p of the ticket price goes to good causes in Thanet (50p goes to the good cause which you nominate (hopefully Monkton Nature Reserve!), the other 10p is distributed to other good causes in Thanet).
  • 20p goes to prizes.

It only takes seconds to join, so please support Monkton Nature Reserve by following this link to our Thanet Community Lotto page.

Thank you.