FULLY BOOKED Floating Frequencies – Multi-instrumental sound journey, Sunday 16th June, 1.30pm – 3.00pm


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What is a sound journey and what are the benefits?
This multi-instrumental sound journey is a relaxing and therapeutic practice using acoustic instruments to induce a deeply relaxed meditative state.
A growing body of clinical research and controlled studies highlight the power of music and sound vibrations in mood enhancement, improved relaxation, better sleep, and relief from depression and anxiety. There’s also evidence that suggests music therapy can be effective for healing, as it encourages relaxation and brings your body into a parasympathetic state. In this state, your body produces nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels, increasing the efficiency of your cells, and regulates blood pressure – all things that will aid a healing response.
Floating Frequencies is a collaboration between Eleanor Yankah and Peter Nicholls. This partnership has emerged from their shared love and profound connection to the sea and the element of water.
Peter is a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist and researcher of oceanic heritage. His work includes the study of traditional and spiritual music styles of the western Indian Ocean islands. His main instrument is the Indian Ocean Creole frame drum.
Eleanor is a holistic healing practitioner who has trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurvedic Institute UK, as well as with masters of Ayurveda, Breathwork and Reiki in Europe, Central-America and Asia. In the field of sound, she trained in Bali under the internationally renowned multi-instrumental sound healer Shervin Baloorian.
NB: Includes free entry to the reserve for friends and family. Please bring a mat, cushions, a blanket perhaps, anything that makes you comfortable on the concrete floor of the new, geodesic dome. Tickets are limited.

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