We have a variety of children’s activities that will keep our younger visitors’ entertained, and encourage an interest in nature at the same time!

The Monkton Meander

A caterpillar

The Monkton Meander is a simple twist on the ever popular I-spy game. Given a sheet with the letters of the alphabet on, children have to record for each letter something which they either see or hear as they go around the Reserve. What can they possibly come up with for the letters ‘X’ and ‘Z’?

Price: FREE

Dinosaur Trail

Dinosaur Trail
On the Dinosaur Trail..

Can you ‘reconstruct’ a dinosaur? The Dinosaur Trail consists of a series of buried jars containing a drawing of a dinosaur body-part. Copy the body-part onto your answer sheet to ‘reconstruct’ a dinosaur. There is also bite-sized information about dinosaurs, a fun quiz question, and a clue to where the next jar is buried. The final jar will reveal the name of the dinosaur you have ‘reconstructed’.

Price: FREE

Enchanted Fairy Trail

Fairy House
One of our ‘Fairy Houses

Find the fairy houses! The Fairy Trail has children following a story from a booklet to find a number of fairy houses dotted around the Reserve. These mythical sprites will be the children’s guides to various facts about nature and the local environment.

Price: FREE

Brass Rubbing Challenge

Brass Rubbing Plaque
Brass-rubbing plaque

The Brass Rubbing Challenge involves matching 5 clues to 5 species of wildlife shown on brass plaques dotted around the lower part of the Reserve. The clues also give the children an interesting fact about each creature.

Price: FREE

Activity Box

Activity Box
Activity Box

In the main picnic area, we have a large Activity Box containing games, paints and pencils which the children can occupy themselves with, whilst you enjoy your picnic!

Price: FREE

There are also identification sheets of birds, leaves and berries, and magnifying glasses (to get a closer look at all the creepy-crawlies we have on the Reserve!) which can be borrowed free from Reception.


In the Field Study Centre itself, some of the exhibits encourage children to gain hands-on experience of certain artifacts. The animal skulls are a favourite! Can they match up the skulls with the displayed list of animal names?

Using a telescope


We often have talks and presentations about various topics which are also suitable for children. Past presentations have included fossils and dinosaurs, and events by the Monkton Stargazers. See our Events listing for upcoming events.


We have a large selection of second-hand children’s books available for sale. They range from pre-school to teenager, with both fiction and non-fiction titles. Books are priced from as little as 30p from our extensive Second-Hand Bookshop. All proceeds go towards helping us fulfill our charitable function and our conservation work.

Birthday Parties

Looking to hold a child’s birthday party at a venue with a difference? Why not have the party here at Monkton Nature Reserve? We’ll supply the banners and balloons, and you can choose to have it indoors or outside in the picnic area. There will be no need to worry about the cleaning up afterwards…we’ll do that! And the price you pay will include all day entry for the Reserve. Call us on 01843 822666, or use the Contact form to make arrangements.

We have nappy changing facilities available.

PLEASE NOTE: Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when on the Reserve.